FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

ID Products


1) What is the minimum quantity for ID card printing?

There is no minimum quantity for our ID card printing service! However, we usually charge the price according to the quantity of the cards that you intend to price.

2) Do we offer rental services for ID card printer machine?

Yes we do. We offer rental services for various types of card printer machine. This service is especially great for school registrations, event ID card printing, or large re-badging projects. Our ID card printer rentals eliminate both the large upfront costs and the ongoing maintenance of purchasing your own ID card printer. For pricing details you can contact us directly via email or phone number.

3) What is the difference between single sided and dual sided card printer?

Single sided card printer can only print on one side of the cards, whereas dual sided printing can print on both side of the cards.  However, you can use single sided card printer and do dual sided printing. What you can do is to print on one side and then flip the cards manually and reenter it on the printer to print on another side. This is an available option, but there will be a huge risk for you to damage the cards in the process, especially scratching the already printed side. In addition to that, it will also take a much longer time to complete printing both sides of the cards.

4) What is a card printer ribbon?

Card printer ribbon serve the same function as an ink cartridge for a paper printer. It will print out inks and colors on the cards that you wanted to print.

5) Do we offer services for membership card printing?

Yes! We also offer customized membership card printing service. However, our minimum quantity for membership card printing is 500 pieces.

6) What is the size and thickness of the ID cards?

Our ID card printing is for standard card size which is 86mm x 54mm with thickness 0.76mm.

7) What are the supplies needed to run an ID card machine?

You only need PVC blank cards and card printer ribbons to run your card printer machine. However, please take note that you need to occasionally invest in buying a cleaning kit, to make sure that you can keep your card printer in great working condition.

8) Can we repair ID Card Printer machine?

Yes! We also provide repair services for broken ID Card Printer machine. We have a team of dedicated technicians that would be glad to help.


AIDC Products


1) Do we do customized barcode system?

Yes! We also offer services for barcode system that can be customized according to your varying needs. For further details, you can email directly the person in charge of barcode system, Mr Dannis Low at [email protected].

2) Do we offer rental services for barcode scanner?

Yes, All ID Asia also provide rental service for barcode scanner. You can request any specific models of barcode scanner that you intend to use for your company. If you are unsure which model to choose from, you can contact our team directly and we will try to assist you in choosing the best model according to your needs.

3) What is the difference between 1D and 2D barcode scanner?

1D barcode scanner can only scan information from normal barcode on various items. Whereas, 2D barcode scanner can hold far much more information and more convenient to use as you can also use it scan QR codes and data from your mobile phones.

4) What are the supplies needed to run a barcode printer?

You only need thermal ribbons and thermal labels to run your barcode printer. Thermal ribbons serve the same function as a card ribbon in a card printer machine.


Delivery & payment


1) How long do I have to wait for the parcel to be delivered?

We use EasyParcel for courier. If the items are in stock, we would usually arrange for courier on the same day. It normally took one or two days for EasyParcel to deliver the items. If you were to face any problems in receiving your items, you can contact our team directly and we will try to assist as much as possible.

2) How much is the courier charge?

The price for courier is actually dependent on the weight of the items and location of your company. However, if the location is at Malaysian peninsula area, the price for courier is as low as RM6.00 (price differ depending on locations).

3) Can I self-collect my items from the company’s office?

To save money for courier charge, you can also self-collect your items at our company’s office on the same day that you make the payment. Our office is located at IOI Boulevard building, in front of IOI Mall Puchong.

4) How long do I have to wait if my items are on the pre-order lists?

Different products usually have different lead time for delivery. You can check the lead time for pre-order in the description of the items on our website.

5) What do I have to do if the items that I receive is faulty to use?

Kindly contact us as soon as possible if them items that you receive is broken or faulty to use. We would replace any products that is broken.

6) Do we offer free delivery and installation?

We only offer free delivery and installation for any purchases above RM1000 for customers that live in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

7) Can I make payment using credit card?

Yes you can! We accept payment via credit card, debit card and online banking.